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3-Piece Can Production Line

    1. Duplex SlitterJorson's duplex splitter is specifically designed for canned food factories and empty can manufacturing plants. It is also suitable for slitting sheet metal into similar sizes for other industries, and can meet the demanding requirements of a high-speed resistance welding machine.
    1. Metal Can WelderOur welder has an advanced programmable terminal and can achieve comprehensive monitoring on the device and dynamic screen display. With an expandable Ethernet communication system, this metal welder can have uninterrupted remote online control.
    1. Side Stripe Powder Coating SystemOur lacquer and coating system features outstanding performances and requires very little maintenance. It is equipped with quick connectors, built-in valves, a ceramic filtration system, and a user-friendly operation interface.
    1. Spot Powder Coating SystemDuring production of pails and drums, handles are often required to be welded on the body or lid, where the internal coating will be damaged by the welding process. The damaged coating is traditionally repaired by manual or liquid spray coating, which is not suitable for foods and water-based paints and will lead to environmental pollution.
    1. Square Can Top Powder Coating SystemJORSON square can top powder coating system employs Jorson self-developed powder coating technology, which allows powders to be sprayed precisely on the designated areas without contaminating other areas. The square can top powder coating system is equipped with induction heating devices to dry the powder quickly.
    1. Curing SystemOur curing system effectively achieves power saving technology, control of the magnetic field’s direction, reduction of the external magnetic field’s radiation, as well as quick and uniform heating. The aluminum sealed enclosure effectively reduces the electric field’s radiation
    1. Empty Can Conveyor SystemThe can conveyor system conveys the empty can from the curing system to the combination machine. Our empty can conveyor comes with appropriate shapes according to the requirements set by your factory layout.
    1. Combination MachineOur combination machine can operate at low speeds when there is no metal can, and with its intelligent protection system, it can automatically shut down when metal can accumulate or it detects cans with no tops or bottoms.
    1. Can Leak TesterJorson's leak tester is equipped with PLC control system to deliver stable performance and easy operations. Imported high-precision vacuum leak testing components are employed, which are stable, fast and able to remove the defective products automatically.
    1. Empty Can Palletizer The empty can palletizer easily replaces the manual palletizing of cans, effectively saving manpower and improving production efficiency.
      This machine utilizes a programmable computer system to improve the accuracy of the mechanical movement, facilitating operations.
    1. Square Can Production LineSquare can production line allows a max. working speed of 80 cans per minute and an average working speed of 60 cans per minutes. The production line integrates multiple manufacturing procedures together, including dual-die forming...
    1. Tinplate Pail Spot Welding MachineTinplate pail spot welding machine is one of the single-channel fully-auto dual-head spot welding machines with an output of 60CPM. It adopts weld seam locater, and cams for transmission and conveying system, as well as mechanical coating penetration device, which makes the welding more accurate and more stable. It can be perfectly coupled with fully-auto tinplate pail production line, making the production process safe, smooth and efficient.
    1. Plastic Handle Forming Welding MachinePlastic handle forming welding machine combines plastic handle punching, pail ear punching and ear welding together, carving a reputation as pioneers in plastic handle production field. Meanwhile, rivet-like ear and plastic strip, components for pail handles, are punched and welded directly in this machine, which leads to decreased material cost and labor cost.

Jorson has been providing 3-piece can production lines and other varieties of can making equipment for over 20 years, all of which are CE certified.

Our 3-piece can production lines have been exported all over the world, and are applicable for use in tinplate packaging solutions for food, beverage, powder, chemicals and sprays.

The 3-piece can production line is comprised of the can body production lines and can end production lines. We also sell duplex slitters, can body welders, side stripe powder coating systems, curing systems, can conveyor systems, combination machines, can leak testers, empty can palletizer, square can production lines, pail production lines, and a tinplate pail ear welder. We are happy to provide our customers with 3-piece can production line with the right models to meet their needs and specific requirements.

Included Equipment
Duplex slitter: This cuts the tinplate into can body blanks with the correct size.
Can body welder: This bends and welds the can body.
Side stripe powder coating system: This coats the welding line
Curing system: This dries and solidifies the welding line's coating
Can conveyor system: This conveys the empty can from the curing system to the combination machine.
Combination machine: This is used for necking, flanging, beading and seaming.
Can leak tester: This will test the empty can
empty can palletizer: This stacks the empty can.

Technological Process
Slitting → Welding → Coating → Curing → Necking → Flanging → Beading → Seaming