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Discontinued Products

    1. Square Can Production LineSquare can production line allows a max. working speed of 80 cans per minute and an average working speed of 60 cans per minutes. The production line integrates multiple manufacturing procedures together, including dual-die forming...
    1. Pail Production LineOur pail production line makes extensive use of servo motors to do clearance operations. This reduces power consumption and makes the production line more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
    1. Spot WelderWith a production of 30 metal cans per minute, our spot welding machine has the most advanced performance in the industry. Our tinplate pail ear welder can produce tin cans with different sizes, via an automatic replacing feed device and adjusting the production range.
    1. Lock SeamerDistance between the front and the rear end faces of the cross bore on the working table (mm): 320
      Diameter of the Cross Bore on the Working (Front × Rear) (mm): 95×88
      Slide Size (Font to Rear × Right to Left): 130×120
    1. Can Leak Tester The voltage is generated by the vacuum degree and drives the PLC to generate data.
      The metal can leak tester has a set of dictators installed at the entrance gate, which ensures that testing will not occur when there is no can.
    1. Foil Assembling MachineThis machine is simply designed and equipped with safety devices. Because of this, it not only features a quick mold changeover and low maintenance, it can also provide secure operation.
      This machine is simply designed and equipped with safety devices.
    1. Lining MachineOur automatic lining machine contains the curing equipment and is applicable to a variety of metal can end just by changing a few components. This can end liner is installed with PLC controls and all technical parameters meet advanced Chinese levels.
    1. Tinplate Washing MachineDimension (L×W×H): 1,625×1,590×970mm
      Dimension with package (L×W×H): 1,750×1,950×1,300mm
      Gross weight: 1,200Kg
      Max. Sheet width: 1,030mm
    1. Coatings and VarnishesBasis: modified polyester and amino resin; general gold lacquer; flexible, deep-drawn, good adhesion to metal substrates, having been used in tin-printing coating area for over 10 years.
      Basis: modified epoxy resin; general gold lacquer; high hardness.
    1. Seaming MachineDiameter of Round Fancy Can : 50-260mm
      Diagonal of Irregular Fancy Can: 50-200mm
      Height of Fancy Can : ≤350mm
    1. Necking MachineOur necking machine vertically delivers metal cans and is used for aerosol necking, flanging, and both bottom and top seaming. Our electrical system is controlled using a Mitsubishi PLC control system.
    1. UV Curing OvenOur durable UV curing oven features a stable temperature rising rate and excellent curing performances. As it’s capable of saving production costs and improving productivity, our UV drying oven is great for replacing a traditional curing oven.