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Can Leak Testers

Jorson's leak tester is equipped with PLC control system to deliver stable performance and easy operations. Imported high-precision vacuum leak testing components are employed, which are stable, fast and able to remove the defective products automatically. Jorson leak tester is suitable for 10-25L square and round cans.

Technical Parameters
Model Round can JS-XY12D Square can JS-XF12D Round can JS-XY16D Square can JS-XF16D Round can JS-XY20D Square can JS-XF20D
Height 100-500mm 100-500mm 100-500mm
Testing Accuracy 0.15mm 0.15mm 0.15mm
Testing speed 20-32 cans/min 35-42 cans/min 42-50 cans/min
No. of testing head 12 16 20
Total power 3KM 3KM 3KM
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