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Powder Coating System

Our independently developed powder coating system is one of metal can making equipment pieces and is used for coating the welding line.

This coating equipment has obtained a number of patents, including 1 for invention, 1 for design and 6 utility model patents, and we are currently in the process of applying for more. With our proprietary patented technologies, our lacquer and coating system features outstanding performances and requires very little maintenance. It is equipped with quick connectors, built-in valves, a ceramic filtration system, and a user-friendly operation interface.

The jet angle is horizontally adjustable, the arm can be all-around adjustable, and the powder coating thickness is also adjustable. Our welding line coating equipment can generate clear and uniform powder coatings without causing powder leakage or pollution.

From its launch in 2009, we have sold more than 200 sets of our side coating powder coating systems all over the world, and it has become widely recognized and highly praised by our worldwide customers.

1. Multiple degrees of freedom are adjustable, allowing the machine to achieve good contact between the stopper and the inner surface of the can.
2. With its quick connectors, the side stripe powder coating system is easy to maintain.
3. The two-end suction system can prevent powder from falling and spreading.
4. The belt width features a stepless adjustment.
5. Powder output direction is adjustable, allowing the powder to have a uniform thickness.
6. We use an advanced macromolecule filtration technology to ensure a clean working environment.
7. The powder coating system has a compact design and a touch screen. Its electrical components are all from internationally known brands. The PLC is from Siemens, and the FESTO air valve is from Germany.
8. Our side stripe powder coating system is equipped with a powder flow tester.

Technical Parameters
Speed Max.90m/min
Stripe Width 6-12mm
Can Size 52-400mm
Power 2KW
Power Supply 380V, 3 phases
Compressed Air 6 bar,500 L/min


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