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Metal Can Welder

QM-350 Automatic Type

Jorson provides a variety of metal welders for bending and welding the can body. Our newly developed QM-350 automatic metal can welder is a high speed, intelligent, and digitally controlled resistance welding machine.

1. Our metal can welder features digital static inverter technology, which achieves the welding current’s sinusoidal current waveform output.
2. This metal can making machinery is equipped with a Device Net fieldbus control system, making the machinery reliable, high speed and providing convenient data control.
3. Our welder has an advanced programmable terminal and can achieve comprehensive monitoring on the device and dynamic screen display. With an expandable Ethernet communication system, this metal welder can have uninterrupted remote online control.
4. Our welding machine laterally delivers the metal can in a two finger form, improving the stability of the high speed delivery. With an advanced overall performance and stable, reliable operations, this machine is ideal for high speed can making equipment. It can also adapt to DR iron welding.

Technical Parameters
Type QM-350 QM-350-G QH-350
Welding speed 15-45m/min 27-55m/min
Production Rate 350 cans/min 180 cans/min
Distance of Welding Points 0.5-0.9mm
Overlap 0.4mm
Sheet Thickness 0.16-0.3mm
Inner Diameter of Can Body Φ52- Φ99mm Φ65- Φ99mm
Height of Can Body 60-200mm 60-320mm
Can Materials Tinplate, Ni plate
Tin Coating Tin:#5 - #100
Hardness T2.5- DR8
Diameter of Copper Wire Φ1.38mm, Φ1.5mm
Input Power Three phase
Voltage: 380V Frequency: 50Hz
Total Power: 60kVA
Total Power: 65kVA
Welding Frequency 200 -500Hz
Cooling Water 392 - 490kPa, 12-18℃40L/min
Compressed Air 490kPa,800L/min
Dimension 2980×2370×2100 mm
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