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Varnishing Machine

Our varnishing machine is used for varnishing the cylindrical surfaces of metal cans and tubular products. It automatically loads and unloads cans, and will stop varnishing when defective cans appear or there are no metal cans to be varnished.

Our coating system is PLC controlled and is easy to adjust, as well as having a fast production speed; and it could be easily used as a stand-alone machine.

1. Our varnishing machine has a manipulator that automatically loads and unloads cans.
2. With a polyurethane rubber roller, our painting equipment is stable and reliable.
3. The rotary table is run by the Ferguson indexing mechanism, and the mandrel can be quickly replaced.
4. The mandrel rotates automatically and features adjustable frequency.

Technical Parameters
Applicable Diameter of Aluminum Can Ø16 – Ø25 mm, Ø25 – Ø35 mm, Ø35 – Ø53 mm, Ø45 – Ø66 mm
Applicable Length of Aluminum Can L=75-150 mm, L=110-180 mm, L=90-230 mm, L=110-250 mm
Production Rate ≤120 cans /minute
Total Power 11Kw (Shared by the aluminum can printing machine, vanishing machine and six color printing machine)
Dimension (L×W×H) 2,750×2,330×1,760 mm
Weight 4,500Kg
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