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Can Test Equipment

    1. Double Seam Projector Our double seam projector achieves digital processing on the metal can body’s seam structure and displays that data on screen, speeding up the detection process carried out by the technical operating procedures.
    1. Score Residual GaugeThis score allowance tester can achieve accurate detection through the use of EOE. Our EOE detection system uses non-contact measurements and non-destructive testing.
    1. Easy-open Can Pressure-Proof TesterThis beverage can buckle tester uses a cylinder to tightly lock the easy open can end, and is reliable and easy to operate. Our buckle tester can also avoid loose sealing caused by manual operations.
    1. Can Body CutterThis beverage can cutter is equipped with protective devices in order to prevent operator injuries. It feature an adjustable V-shaped sliding plate, which facilitates corner cutting on square cans.
    1. Vacuum Tester for Metal CanOur ZJQ-1 vacuum tester is used for testing the vacuum degree in materials that require vacuum packaging, such as metal cans. This machine uses a destructive spot check in its detection process.
    1. Vacuum Leak DetectorAs it is capable of performing damage-free, leak proof tests, our vacuum leak indicator is a scientific and reliable choice. This metal can test equipment is usually used for filled cans, such as canned food, canned milk powder, and canned seasonings.
    1. Digital Height GaugeMax. Diameter of Cans: ≤160mm
      Max. Can Height: ≤300mm
      Accuracy: ±0.02mm
      Resolution of Reading: 0.01mm
    1. Paint Adhesion TesterOur paint film adhesion tester traces the round locus to measure the adhesive force.
      Tracing Diameter: 0-10.5mm
      Stroke: 80mm
      Tracing Pitch: 1.5mm
    1. Paint Impact TesterScale Length: 0-50cm
      Scale Division: 1cm
      Heavy Punch: Weight:1,000g; having a flexible hook; the heavy punch’s weight can be changed by adding or reducing the lead shot in its body
    1. Digital body blank gaugeThe body blank gauge is applicable to sheet metal length, width and parallelism and verticality measurement.