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Metal Can Ends

    1. Easy Open EndsOur Y202 easy-open ends are manufactured by the dedicated easy-open end production line imported from the US, which ensures that our easy-open can lid has ensured quality and stability. The engraved spray paint and electrophoresis spray paint maximally
    1. Twist-Off CapThis bottle cap is coated both internally and externally, and the inside is padded with a PVC sealant.
      The twist off cap is applicable for different treatments, including hot filling, cooling, pasteurization, and cooking.

We provide a variety of metal can ends, including easy-open ends, aerosol can ends, twist-off caps and more. Our visually appealing metal can tops and bottoms not only benefit our clients, but they also appeal to their customers. We are willing to design the can lid according to your specific requirements. Having high-quality molds for can ends and a professional team, we are committed to providing beverage can caps at competitive pricing and offering related technical support.