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Conveyor Parts

We sell a variety of conveyor parts and plastic components, such as conveyor chains, conveyor sprockets, corner tracks, parts, guide strips and more. We can also provide custom conveyor spare parts.

These conveyor parts are all important to our conveyor system, keeping the conveying process safe and efficient.

We provide conveyor chains that conform to worldwide standards, including the following chain types: 900, 1100, 400, 5935, 7705, 4803, 4809, 5997, and 1000. If required, our conveyor chains can be made of POM and PP, and we can also provide OEM services based on customer drawings.

Our high quality chain plate/ chain sprockets includes the following stainless steel chain plates: 812, 815, 802, 805, 512, 881 and 8811. We also provide the following thermoplastic chain plates: 820, 821, 831, 880, 882, 1873, 963, 821, 883, 1700K, 1701, 1702, 1716K, 1790K, A600, A1400, and 1060. Each of these chains are in compliance with worldwide standards.

The chain sprockets are used together with chain plates, such as the 880, 820, 881, 8811, 831, and 1701. We also have plastic injection chain plates and CNC machined chain sprockets that comply with worldwide standards. OEM services are also available.

Our corner track includes the KMU series for chains 881, COMBI series for chains 881 881, KSU series for chains 8808818811, SSU series for chains 8808818811, KTU series for chains 882, STU200 series for chains 882, and KTU series for chains 1874-48741873. We are also happy to provide customers with customized corner tracks.


Our conveyor replacement parts also include star wheels and bottle screws. If requested, we can also customize conveyor parts according to your drawings or samples. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

We offer a cost-effective guide strip, which is used in conjunction with the conveyor chain in the conveyor system.

Raw materials, such as UHMW-PE sheets, rods, and tubes are all available here. Please feel free to contact us and give us your required size, and we can customize them for you at competitive pricing.

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